Hello! My name is Toni and this is a blog that'll be pretty much nothing but How To Train Your Dragon! I may post the occasional drawing (maybe) but I am not really an active drawer. But I am a strong supporter of Hiccstrid, so expect to see a lot of that! And just as a warning this blog may be nsfw and in no way is it a spoiler free blog~Enjoy~

  • Gotta stay away from them spoilers~

    Okay, so I’m probably gonna try my best to stay off of tumblr until I get my DVD because I don’t want DOTDR spoiled to me before I actually watch it

    So within the next 3 weeks I’ll be posting little to nothing just to be safe~

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    A thing I did for howtotrainyourdoofus!

    Thank you!!

    looks awesome! :D

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    I want someone who’s not in the Gravity Falls fandom to explain this picture!

    Shit is happen. What do

    This is a new ride at Disney World. It’s like it’s a small world but with more creepy puppet horror show and less circles and more screaming. Also there is a pig.

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    I just realized how similar these two moments are so yeah excuse me while I go drown in tears

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  • jackthevulture:

    There is a lot of HTTYD in this world.

    In comparison to other modern animated movies.

    there is a metric fuck ton of official HTTYD shit.

    Boy howdy did I pick the right movie to fall in love with.

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    My 69 Hiccstrid vision…. I’m really embarassed… >w<


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  • I was so afraid of becoming my dad. Mostly because I thought I never could. How- how do you become someone, that great, that  brave, that selfless?

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    Reminder that DreamWorks thought about killing Hiccup in the first movie